FOX 1600e

Featuring a 1600-watt motor and 11-inch off-road tires, the UberScoot 1600w electric scooter is a terrific option for scooter speed demons. Part of the Fox brand, the 1600w model can reach top speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour and cover a maximum distance of 12 miles per charge.

The powerful motor and knobby wheels tackle hills with ease, and the removable seat provides a comfortable option for longer rides. If you’re planning to push the UberScoot’s maximum distance, turn on “Economy Mode”— this setting slows down acceleration and limits speed in the interest of preserving the battery (some reviewers also recommend it as a safety measure for less experienced riders).

Recharge time is six to eight hours. At 43 inches tall, 49 inches long, and a sturdy 117 pounds, the Fox1600e also folds down for easier transport or storage.


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