Moto-Roma GTS200

The Moto-Roma GTS200 has been consistently the Irelands best-selling teenage go kart out selling selling the more expensive Hammerhead GTS150. Having sold our first Moto-Roma buggy as far back as 1996 we at MotoWorld know these buggys inside out. It is fitted with a 9Hp Gy6 and has top speed of 72KM/h

The Moto-Roma GTS200 give you as mush fun as you need in an off road buggy. It has a steel body, is fitted with adjustable bucket seats, an adjustable steering wheel and much, much more.

 Standard Features:

Electric start
Individual adjustable bucket seat 
4-point over the shoulder rally style seatbelts
Dual headlights
Off road tires 
Canopy top
Forward and reverse
Smooth CVT transmission

12 months Parts Warranty


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