Petrol & Electric Scooters For Sale

We stock a range of stand on and sit on petrol and electric scooters. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us as we more than likely can get it.

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Corsa 120e Electric Scooter

This 120w scooter is the ultimate run-around scooter with sporty performance and striking colours to suit the tastes of any trend-setting youngster. Suitable for kids from 4 to 7 years of age, It's well-priced, easy and safe to learn on for kids with no two-wheel experience.

120W Mini Electric Scooter

The 120W Mini Electric Scooter is a great electric scooter. It's 24V 4.5AH lead-acid battery and 120W brush motor allows it to reach up to 12km/h. It sits on 6" tyres and will take you up to 10km before it needs charged. Charging time for this scooter is between 5-8 hours. Available in black and yellow!

24V 500W Electric Scooter

This 24V 500W Electric Scooter is a great alternative to walking. The wooden deck of this scooter provides great stability when in use. This scooter also comes with an adjustable seat, so the choice of standing up or sitting down is yours.

Velocity I20 Electric Pro Scooter 36V 7.5ah

Simple to use Turn on, Push yourself off and use your thumb on the throttle to go Top Speed can be controlled by the app which makes it ideal for both young and old. 36V 350W Electric scooter with App Control

500W powerboard

The new 500w will do 25km/h and do so with ease on its10" Rubber wheels. The handlebar-mounted battery indicator helps riders track battery life, while the controls are water resistant and easy to learn and use. Featuring a highly durable frame with a ABS Resin deck that's resistant to corrosion,makes it ideal for our irish rainy climate. The powerful 36 Volt scooter will climb without pressure and the ride is good with a powerful shock absorption system It is also available in 1000w and 1800w if you require more power.