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Keeway’s F-Act Evo 50 Scooter

Much like the RY6, Keeway’s F-Act Evo 50 is a thoroughly sporty scooter, one that will appeal in a big way to sport-bike or racing fans. With curvy and sporty bodywork painted in multiple colors with sportbike-like graphics over the top, the Evo 50 features a long list of cool features. These include a 49cc two-stroke engine that sounds a little like the GP race-bikes of yesteryear, and which makes impressive power given its tiny displacement. There’s also 12-inch cast alloy wheels, with are strong and light and which hold powerful brakes, a disc unit up front and a sturdy drum unit in back. Grippy tires keep going in any weather, while the plush seat, roomy riding position and supple suspension action keep you comfy all the way. If a sporty scooter is your thing, you can’t go wrong with the F-Act Evo 50.