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Part No: 17-8035 – WHEEL BEARING & SEAL KIT FRONT 02-09 TRX400EX ALLBALLS 25-1083


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Wheel Bearing Kit
Front Honda TRX250X / EX Sportrax 01-18,
TRX400EX 02-08,
TRX400X 09-14,
TRX450ER 06-14,
TRX450R 04-09



Wheel Bearing kit Various Applications

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.0000 kg
Safety Features

Throttle Restrictor


2008 Honda TRX250EX
2007 Honda TRX250EX
2006 Honda TRX250EX
2005 Honda TRX250EXSportrax
2004Honda TRX250EX Sportrax
2003 Honda TRX250EX Sportrax
2002 Honda TRX250EX Sportrax
2001 Honda TRX250EX Sportrax
2018 Honda TRX250X
2017 Honda TRX250X
2016 Honda TRX250X
2014 Honda TRX250X
2013 Honda TRX250X
2012 Honda TRX250X
2011 Honda TRX250X
2009 Honda TRX250X
2008 Honda TRX400EX
2007 Honda TRX400EX
2006 Honda TRX400EX
2005 Honda TRX400EX Sportrax
2004 Honda TRX400EX Sportrax
2003 Honda TRX400EX Sportrax
2002 Honda TRX400EX Sportrax
2014 Honda TRX400X
2013 Honda TRX400X
2012 Honda TRX400X
2009 Honda TRX400X
2014 Honda TRX450ER
2013 Honda TRX450ER
2012 Honda TRX450ER
2009 Honda TRX450ER
2008 Honda TRX450ER
2007 Honda TRX450ER
2006 Honda TRX450ER
2012 Honda TRX450R
2009 Honda TRX450R
2008 Honda TRX450R
2007 Honda TRX450R
2006 Honda TRX450R
2005 Honda TRX450R Sportrax
2004 Honda TRX450R Sportrax

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