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Ride-on Lawnmowers

Atco GT30H Ride On Lawn Mower

The GT 30H is an extremely popular lawn tractor that is small enough to go through a 36" gate yet large enough to maintain a good-sized lawn. A reliable 344cc Briggs & Stratton Power Built 3130 AVS engine delivers power to a fully hydrostatic transmission.  Hydrostatic transmissions are clutch-less automatic systems that allow infinitely variable speed adjustment; they shuttle seamlessly from forward to reverse, which greatly enhances manoeuvrability. The cutting deck features twin contra-rotating blades for a fine finish, plus powerful rear discharge and a collection of clippings.  Blades are engaged or disengaged at the flick of a switch through an electronic clutch.  The cutting height is adjustable through 7 preset adjustments from 25mm to 80mm.  A snap-on hose connection on the cutter deck facilitates cleaning after use.  Clippings are collected in a rear-mounted 240 litre capacity collector which features a buzzer to let the driver know when it needs emptying.  Tipping the collector is done from the driver's seat. This Atco tractor is a real pleasure to use.  To talk about how it handles seems more automotive, however, the light steering, seating, ergonomics and ride quality are outstanding.

Atco GT36H Ride On Lawn Mower

The GT 36H has a 500cc Briggs & Stratton Power Built 4185 AVS engine and fully hydrostatic transmission.  The hydrostatic system gives infinitely variable forward and reverse speeds using a foot pedal and can shuttle effortlessly between the two. The GT 36H has a cutting deck with twin contra rotating blades.  This cutting arrangement gives an excellent finish and powerful rear discharge of cut grass into the collector.  Blades are engaged and disengaged at the flick of a switch through an electronic clutch which stops the blades within 3 seconds of disengagement.  Clippings are blown into a large 290 litre capacity rear mounted collector.  A buzzer sounds when the collector is full and it can be emptied without leaving the driving seat.

Atco GT38H Ride On Lawn Mower

The GT38H is a dedicated mulching lawn tractor designed to make mowing larger lawns quick and simple. The GT38H also features electric key starting and user-friendly hydrostatic transmission for added convenience and performance. While most lawnmowers are equipped with a grass collector to gather clippings as you mow, others dispense with this option entirely. Atco’s GT 38H is one such mower; a dedicated mulching lawn tractor designed to make mowing larger lawns quick, simple and hassle free. Rather than collecting grass clippings which then have to be disposed of later, mulching mowers recycle cuttings by dicing them up finely and blowing them deep into the roots of your lawn. Here the mulched clippings return vital nutrients and moisture to the soil, ensuring that your lawn will grow thick, green and healthy in the future. Moreover, as the fine clippings are returned to the very base of the lawn they are nigh on invisible, leaving your garden looking neat and tidy, and as mulching eliminates the need to intermittently stop and dispose of clippings it also makes the GT 38H far more efficient that many other similar ride-on mowers.

Atco Rider 27H Ride On Lawn Mower

Easy and fun to use, the Rider 27H is an ideal ride-on mower for smaller areas.  It is powered by a 223cc Briggs & Stratton 950 Series ES electric key start engine and has a hydrostatic transmission, so it is as easy to drive as an automatic car.  Simply press the front of the pedal to move forward; the more pressure you apply the faster your speed.  To reverse, press the rear section of the pedal.  You have ultimate control even when manoeuvring in and out of tight spots. The 66cm working width cutter deck features a safety brake with manual blade engagement and has 6 heights of cut from 30mm to 80mm.  Clippings are discharged cleanly and efficiently into a rear-mounted 150 litre capacity collector which can be emptied from the driving seat.  An optional mulching kit is available so that when conditions are suitable you can eliminate grass collection and recycle the clippings which will save you time and return valuable nutrients to the soil.

Lawn King RE130H Ride On Lawn Mower

Please call to discuss availabilty 0749177348 This ride on lawn mower is maintenance free 12 volt battery Manual blade engagement 240 litre grass bag Solid full sized chassis Impressive turning radius of 46cm

Lawnflite 12.5HP 30″/76cm MTD/B Ride On Mower

Please call to discuss availability - 0749177348 The 603RT lawn tractor features the Lawnflite single blade "Direct Collect" system for the best cut in all conditions Rear discharge high vacuum deck with fan assistance Integral tow bar for range of attachments Rugged all steel construction Step-thru frame for easy mounting Twin headlights Disc brakes & Key start

Lawnflite 903 RT Lawn Tractor

Please call to discuss availability - 0749177348 The Lawnflite 903 RT Lawn Tractor is ideal if you intend to use you ride-on to perform tasks other than cutting the grass Adjustable seat with springs for extra comfort Disc brakes Headlights Step-thru frame for safe and easy access to driving position

Lawnflite Mini Rider 60RDE Ride-On Mower

A super-compact ride-on for lawns with tight corners and narrow gateways 60cm cutting-width and 46cm turning-circleguarantee unbeatable manoeuvrability High-powered single-cylinder engine from Briggs & Stratton Smooth Shift-on-the-Go Transmatic transmission with six speeds Four cutting-modes: collection; mulching; rear-discharge Mulch-kit and rear-deflector available separately Five-stage cutting-height adjustment for the management of different grass-types Large-capacity 150-litre grass-collector Adjustable seat for optimum driver-comfort Step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting Suitable for lawns up to 500m2

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