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MiniRider 76RDE Ride On Lawn Mower

2,199.00 1,999.00
Please call to discuss availabilty 0749177348 Small footprint and excellent visibility, This ride on mower easily manoeuvers around obstacles Transmatic Transmission to change gears without stopping and smooth driving This mower ride on has a MTD P90 420cc 4 Stroke Key start engine. Cutting Width 76cm Cutting Height 5 positions, 38mm-95mm

Atco GT38H Ride On Lawn Mower

The GT38H is a dedicated mulching lawn tractor designed to make mowing larger lawns quick and simple. The GT38H also features electric key starting and user-friendly hydrostatic transmission for added convenience and performance. While most lawnmowers are equipped with a grass collector to gather clippings as you mow, others dispense with this option entirely. Atco’s GT 38H is one such mower; a dedicated mulching lawn tractor designed to make mowing larger lawns quick, simple and hassle free. Rather than collecting grass clippings which then have to be disposed of later, mulching mowers recycle cuttings by dicing them up finely and blowing them deep into the roots of your lawn. Here the mulched clippings return vital nutrients and moisture to the soil, ensuring that your lawn will grow thick, green and healthy in the future. Moreover, as the fine clippings are returned to the very base of the lawn they are nigh on invisible, leaving your garden looking neat and tidy, and as mulching eliminates the need to intermittently stop and dispose of clippings it also makes the GT 38H far more efficient that many other similar ride-on mowers.