The team at Motoworld have been selling kids buggies and quads for over 20 years and can answer any questions you have about purchasing, maintaining and the safety of a children’s quad or buggy.

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Moto-Roma Mud Monster 98cc – Red

899.00 859.00
Introducing the new  Mud Monster Single Seat 98cc buggy. Pull start 4 stroke engine, front and rear suspension, safety cage and lap seat belt. Adjustable seat - 30 inches of leg room when the seat is fully back, and 24 inches when the seat in fully forward. Just for reference, we find this is most commonly purchased for children aged 5-9 years. It is important that the suitability of this quad bike is a decision made by the parent of the child– Height, Weight and experience should be considered. We also have an Electric Version that has the added benefit of being Silent and Reverse.   MOTOWORLD RECOMMENDS THE WEARING OF HELMET AND SAFETY GEAR.  CUSTOMERS ARE ADVISED THAT THESE ARE OFF ROAD VEHICLES AND SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PUBLIC AREAS.  ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED.

Moto-Roma Mud Monster 1000W – Red

999.00 959.00
This is the ideal first off road buggy, As an indication we have found this Kart sell well for children aged 5 to 10 depending on height, We do advise parents make there own decessions on this. The Moto-Roma electric go-kart is fitted with a two speed brushless 1000w motor.  It has front and rear suspension making it suitable for across the fields, It is also fitted with a roll bar and lap seat belt for your safety. The speed settings limits the speed to approximately 15Kph and 30Kph Adjustable seat - The seat can be adjusted to allow up to 30 inches of leg room between the pedals and the back of the seat, the seat can be adjusted to allow 24 inches to the pedals when the seat in fully forward. We like it for the following reasons, the 48volt battery is long lasting, The go-kart has a low centre of gravity which makes it stable and safer to use.  Because it has an electric brushless motor it's quiet and doesn't annoy the neighbours, It has reverse unlike the petrol version.   MOTOWORLD RECOMMENDS THE WEARING OF HELMET AND SAFETY GEAR.  CUSTOMERS ARE ADVISED THAT THESE ARE OFF ROAD VEHICLES AND SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PUBLIC AREAS.  ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED.    

Quadzilla Wolf Junior Off Road Buggy

The Quadzilla Wolf kids off-road junior buggy has safety as a number one priority with features such as 4 point harness seatbelts, high back seats with built-in headrests and a remote engine cut off. The Quadzilla Wolf also features a restrictable accelerator, suiting for children aged 6-10 years old. Our only issue is it doesn't have reverse. Give us a ring do discuss your requirements as we have all the options.

Moto-Roma XRX-R With Reverse

1,499.00 1,399.00
Product Highlights
  • Reverse
  • Double Seat
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Dual 5-Point Seat Belt Harness
  • Speed Limiter
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Dual LED Headlights
  • Available In Red and Blue
Moto-Roma 200R Go-Kart

Moto-Roma 200R


Moto-Roma 200R mid-size kids go-kart

With Reverse 208cc 6.5HP engine Roll over safety bars Safety Harness Led Lights Drivers adjustable seat NOTE: Constant opening and closing of the throttle will cause the belt to melt and snap. This can be avoided by using the throttle gently. 
quadzilla wolf xl blue

Quadzilla WOLF XL

QUADZILLA’s newest mid-size kids buggy the Wolf XL features the latest innovations in off-road buggies. Produces excellent power and low-end torque. Comfy sport bucket seats with 5 point harness for safety. Canopy roof Manual choke Led headlights Horn All wheel mudguards 5 point safety harness Safety padding on cage Striking graphics. (Available in red also)
Quadzilla stingray kids buggy

Quadzilla Stingray – Red

Introducing the latest evolution of the junior off-road buggy, the Quadzilla Stingray.  Suitable for children from 8 to mid-teens.  All-new design with colour coded seats and body panels. Powerful 6.5 Horsepower engine combined with rugged off-road tyres makes these buggies suitable for on or off-road use. ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLUE   MOTOWORLD PROMOTES RESPONSIBLE USE OF THE MACHINES, ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GEAR AND SEATBELTS.  THESE ARE OFF ROAD MACHINES AND SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PUBLIC AREAS AND ALWAYS UNDER PARENTAL SUPERVISION.