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KAYO FOX-E electric ATV


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The brand new Kayo electric ATVs utilise the unsurpassed high-performance chassis featured on their well-proven petrol machines. This time however, Kayo have switched-up the powertrain for a silky smooth hi-tech brushless motor and speed controller configuration. This provides riders like you with a state of the art electric quad that is surely impossible to beat.

Featuring a surprising amount of drive torque, combined with a sensible throttle calibration, soft start pull away, reverse, multiple driving modes and enough juice to keep you riding spiritedly for several hours, Kayo have really knocked it out of the park and blown us all away!

The new ATVs are near silent, match the performance of the petrol models with none of the fuss, fuel spills, oil changes and other smells associated with fossil fuels. Easy to transport, store, and ride in the garden without annoying the neighbours! What more could you want?

Finally, a really grown-up motorised quad that doesn’t break the bank or leave you studying YouTube for videos on how to diagnose petrol leaks or poor running! Finally, the future just arrived.



  • DISTRO: Stomp Distribution Ltd
  • MODEL: eA70 electric ATV
  • MOTOR: 500W Brushless DC Motor
  • TRANSMISSION: Automatic with 4 driving modes and reverse
  • SAFETY FEATURE: Removable key controlled speed limiter
  • PEAK POWER: 1400W
  • R.P.M : 3600r/min
  • BATTERY: Lead-acid 48V20AH
  • FRONT TYRES: 16×8-7
  • REAR TYRES: 16×8-7
  • BRAKES: Single rear brake
  • PARK BRAKE: Rear
  • FRONT SUSPENSION: Independent Single Wishbone with adjustable toe
  • LIGHTS: Headlight & taillight
  • DRY WEIGHT: 93kg
  • WHEEL BASE: 790mm
  • LENGTH: 1250mm
  • WIDTH: 780mm
  • HEIGHT: 820mm
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 600mm
  • DECALS: Poly-propylene with 3M decals
  • BARS: Steel 7/8″
  • REAR SUSPENSION: 250mm adjustable
  • CHARGE TIME: 7 hours
  • BATTERY RANGE: 30 miles depending on rider and terrain
  • WARRANTY: The eA70 ATV comes with a 12 months parts only warranty as standard
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Additional information


Kayo ATV

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About brand
Kayo have made their name worldwide by manufacturing some of the best pit bikes on the market since 2002. In 2007 they stepped into the ATV market and built on their long term business partnership with Stomp Racing.
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