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THUMPSTAR – TSK 50CC Off-Road Bike

The Thumpstar 50 off-road bike has received a revamp on all levels which offers an awesome little package for junior riders to become even better. The TSK50 has a completely new engine, which is semi-automatic rather than fully automatic, has both an electric and kick start and overall provides more power, allowing heavier junior riders. Safety on kids off-road bikes is a must-have feature, an emergency lanyard that kills the bike should your child come off, coupled with an adjustable throttle limiter, provides full parental control of the bike.

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THUMPSTAR – TSK 70 CC Off-Road Kids Bike

The TSB70 is the perfect off-road bike for kids to learn on, the semi-automatic 4-speed engine gives your child a gearbox that allows them to select gears via the standard gear lever without a clutch, this makes it much easier to ride for beginners, giving them more ability to focus on learning braking, throttle control, and when to change gear. With typical maintenance, these engines go for years and years to come typically lasting far past your child's need for a bigger bike while they grow.

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THUMPSTAR – TSK 110cc Off-Road Kids Bike

The new TSK 110cc is gearing up in style with all the looks of the bigger motocross bikes but designed for kids, beginner riders and we all know experienced adults also love riding this model also. Along with the frame developments we made space and rigged them with mounts to accommodate our new caged airboxes, this allows a better air filtration system while increasing airflow into the carburettor and in turn more horsepower. A first on pit bikes and mini bikes alike, we have scaled down the linkage from the likes of a full-size race bike and fitted it to these smaller sized 110s.

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THUMPSTAR – TSC 125 Kids Off-Road Bike

Thumpstar baseline models have provided our customers with an exceptional package for an affordable price. The TSC125  off-road bike is nothing short of that. By making changes that increase the strength of these baseline models we think Thrumpstar has set the standard for the pit bike industry.

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Thumpstar – TSX 140cc BW Dirt Bike

The TSX140 dirt bike by Thumpstar has received a complete overhaul for Version 5. Gone are the days of facing struggles of dealing with issues which are common on many other mini bikes. We have gone back to the drawing board and scratch built a New Frame, Airbox, Linkage Suspension, Hubs and Rims, and much more. This has not only allowed our bikes to become much more strong and reliable, but also gives the rider peace of mind knowing that, no detail has been left untouched.

Thumpstar TSR 140cc Dirt Bike

Thumpstar® is the most well established mini motorcycle pit bike brand in the world and is the original factory designed mini bike for adults. Thumpstar uses the most advanced technology available, website is connected worldwide and parts system is 100% live with videos on every part to make owning a dirt bike a breeze.